One of the easiest way for business to lose customers is by having a website that is not mobile friendly. 

It’s important that you website is mobile friendly. The good news is it’s easy to check yours. Just bring your website up on your phone. Now, look closely. How does it behave? If looks like a scrunched up mini version of how your website looks on your laptop (or desktop) then here’s the bad news….your website is not mobile responsive.

What Does Mobile Friendly Mean?

It simply means that your text, navigation, and images automatically resize to the device that your website is being viewed on. So a mobile responsive website should look brilliant on a desktop, iPad AND a mobile phone.

And here’s the kicker.

If your website isn’t viewable on a mobile phone you’re losing business. 

That’s because mobile devices account for over HALF of all website traffic. This is a statistic that has been relentlessly growing each year since Steve Jobs mesmerised the world with the first iPhone. Don’t believe me? Read the facts here from Statista.

Why This Matters

Your business website is there to generate leads for your business and help sell your products. If your website is not mobile optimised, you’re making it really hard on potential customers.

Consider this. 

On average your website must confirm to the 3 second rule. That is, your copy (words) and art should convey to a visitor 3 things about your business in 3 seconds.

Why 3 seconds? Well, that’s the average time most eyeballs spend on a website before they ‘bounce’ away to the next distraction – or opportunity to spend money. I’m assuming if you’re in business, you’d like at least some of these people to spend money on YOUR products and services.

The 3 questions are:

  • What’s this all about (am I in the right place)?
  • What’s in it for me? (is the product/service I want here?)
  • What do I do next. (how do I buy this product/service or get more info about it?)

Good website design and copywriting should answer those 3 questions. Remember you have on average 3 seconds to answer in your potential customers mind. 

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re giving your potential customer/lead another obstacle if they have to zoom and pinch your website on your phone to find out information about your product/offer.

Even if your old website has great copy, if it’s not optimised for mobile it will break he three second rule – and you’ll be leaving money on the table.

How to Fix it

Thankfully there is an easy solution. If your website is not optimised, just schedule a call with Port Macquarie Websites. We’ll review your existing website and give you an obligation free quotation to get your website updated to a mobile responsive version so you’ll never lose another lead.

I’m thinking if you’ve already invested money into getting a website together, you’re ready to invest 15 minutes of your time to talk about a mobile friendly solution with Port Macquarie Websites