An old website could be costing your business money. How? Well, if you’re like many business owners who had a website designed more then 5 years ago, you really are losing customers.

Here’s how. Five  years ago, smart phones were a relatively new thing. Most people still accessed the internet from a laptop or desktop computer. Oh those innocent days!

Look around you now and you’ve no doubt noticed people are now obsessed with those little smart phones. That’s because smartphones now are really a small handheld computer.

The latest research shows over 60% of internet access is now done on smart phones and tablets. Can you see the picture?

How does this affect you? Well, if your leads and potential customers cannot clearly see your offer or easily buy your product on their phone, you’ve lost them. The first time a new lead may even see your business is on their phone.

So you can start to see how mobile optimized web design is essential.

The good news is it’s not that difficult to update your website and make it mobile responsive.

So don’t leave money on the table. The purpose of your business website is to drive leads to your business and turn those leads into customers. Don’t leave money on the table by not investing in a mobile friendly website

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